Rhian Lewis is a software developer and writer who has been thinking and writing about blockchain technology since 2013. She received a BSc in Economics from UCL and after becoming obsessed by the transformative possibilities of Bitcoin, co-founded the London Women in Bitcoin meetup group in 2014 and co-developed cryptocurrency portfolio tracker CountMyCrypto. In 2016, with some friends, she co-founded a decentralized proof-of-ownership concept based on Ethereum, which was chosen to participate in the inaugural NexusLabs accelerator, the first blockchain-specific startup incubator in Europe. Rhian is a software developer at Unboxed and is also an instructor for blockchain educators B9lab Academy, and is a former digital journalist for thetimes.co.uk. She has spoken about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency at conferences worldwide, including FinTech Japan in Tokyo, Blockchain Live in London and Heisenbug in Moscow.

You can find her on medium and on twitter.